Local Revelry

I've lived in Chicago for almost 8 years now. Coming down here from Milwaukee, my hometown, with all of my personal possessions in one full station wagon, not knowing a soul, was scary, exciting, wondrous and lonely all at once. It didn't take long for the city and it's dwellers to embrace me as one of it's own, filling me up with a real sense of home.

One of the many similarities between my hometown and Chicago is it's love for being together—for game day, parties on roof tops, parades, street and music fests... you name it. And with celebration comes beer. I've got a lot of respect for things well-crafted, and over the years, Chicago has made a name for itself as one of the foremost craft beer destinations in America. Local brewers like Goose Island, Revolution, and Begyle have raised the bar for the industry. As a fan of the craft, I salute the level of quality and passion a brewer puts into their product. To me, beer is more than a tasty concoction–it's about community. Bringing people together. I very much feel that beer is best enjoyed in the company of others amidst a soundtrack of laughter, stories, deep conversation.

Beer is celebratory, and so, we're celebrating it and the people brewing it here in Chicago, my new home, with a limited series of 3 unique pieces that were printed using beer from 3 different Chicago breweries and mixing it right into the ink. You read that right—these pieces were printed with beer ink. With the masterful skill from Steve Walters at Screwball Press, we used Begyle's Flannel Pajamas stout in one variant, Goose Island's Autumn Red ale in another, and Revolution's A Little Crazy Belgian pale ale in the third, each print matching the proper glassware to the beer we used.

Designed in Chicago, printed in Chicago by a Chicago screen printer using Chicago beer to bring it to life.

I try to make myself find something in each day worth reveling in, be it big or small: a great client win in my day job, someone holding the door for me, just missing getting rained on, a nice catch-up on the phone with my folks back in Milwaukee or that I get to see my wife at the end of a long day. It's a concerted effort to find the good in every day, and it was this notion, along with my affinity for the art of brewing, that I was inspired to create the REVELRY prints. With these limited edition prints, we're raising a glass to Chicago, to all those who create with passion, and to those that can find the good things in each day, big or small, worth celebrating.

Revelry: Practice Daily.