If I'm honest with myself, Practice Daily became a thing after my dad had assigned me a design job. He wanted a logo of sorts around the idea of kindness. After mulling over the concept for a minute, an obvious notion struck me: kindness knows no season. Usually, folks (including myself) try to be a little kinder during the holidays or on people's birthdays or anniversaries. But what about the times in between? You've gotta be kind everyday, in some capacity. And if you're like me, consistency takes a lot of practice.

Once the piece was about done, the little bugger started to grow on me. Hands forming a heart, a sunrise/set to get that "daily" idea across, and big, thick lines (an aesthetic my guy Aaron Draplin* gave new life to from the Paul Rand days.)

The skeleton of it all struck me – one big word, a note to practice that word daily, surrounded by related iconography. (For you designers: 2 stroke weights, 2 colors, 4 fonts.) As someone who enjoys calling myself on my own bullshit, I thought, "I could afford to practice kindness daily. I could also afford to be a little more patient, a little more adventurous, have a little more hustle..." So I started swapping out words and colors and ideas and icons and symbolism and all kinds of stuff as I went further down the rabbit hole. The template and process formed itself.

I'm no one to preach. I wanted to share Practice Daily with the world not to tell people to be kinder or more adventurous, but because I thought maybe some folks out there could relate to what it was I was trying to work on for myself and maybe find the same fun/solace/humor in the compositions.

Some prints are flowery. Some are childish. Some prints are tough and gritty, while others are soft and cuddly. I don't care. I didn't design these for one person, but for the many out there hustling to be better. This is design for seekers of personal growth and lovers of thick lines. You know—being the change you want to see in the world, and all that.

This is Practice Daily. I hope you like it.

(*Aaron Draplin has no idea who I am.)