Forget You, We Won't

On April 23rd, Practice Daily held it's first-ever event at a local flower shop. The event was intended to be the first of hopefully many in a series I named Hey, Neighbor!

Collaboration is a powerful thing, and it was my intention to make the point of Hey, Neighbor! events about working together. Janessa Ambrosio of Forget Me Knodt has always been such a big supporter of PD, and I couldn't have lucked out more when she asked me to collaborate.

We got together and made a list of words that could potentially work in a PD print—a word that echoes her values or experiences. We went with "Growth." Janessa went from copywriting in the advertising machine, to owning her own small business flower shop, to eventually choosing to close it's doors to lend her skill set to Fleur in Logan Square. A lot of growth happened in that small amount of time.

We talked about what the colors and subject matter could be for her print. I ran with shades of blue (her brand colors) and a bouquet of forget me nots, posies, and succulents.

Janessa sold our prints at her shop during the event, which was filled with smiling faces from surrounding businesses like Baker and Nosh and The Public Barber, friends, family, the Alderman, and fans of Janessa. Snacks were noshed, cocktails clinked. I, myself, had the opportunity to meet new friends like photographer Becca Heuer, who took so many beautiful shots of the evening (including the one in this post.) You can see more shots from the night here.

You could really feel the love and support all night. That's what togetherness is all about, man; love and support. It's why I like to collaborate. It's also why property lines don't matter to me when I think of folks as "neighbors." I think that's what Fred Rodgers was talking about all those years.

I had the best time that night because of Janessa. Her presence in Uptown will be sorely missed, but my wife and I couldn't be happier for her new found place in the world. I'm so glad I got to collaborate with her. If you missed it, but want to get your hands on a "Growth" print, we've still got a few left here!

We've got another Hey, Neighbor! coming up in June at the Public Barber, a killer new joint in town. More to come on that, so stay tuned. Until then, say hi to your neighbors. You never what kind of friendship will grow.

See what I did there?