Why I Wander

I never used to travel. I hated it. Lines, delays, people and their over-sized carry-ons; the hassle wasn't worth it for me. Then I met my wife. Over the years, she's shown me how to slow down and find the romance in travel. I don't know how she did it, but she did.

After recently spending some time in Alaska, it was hard not to be completely captivated by the landscape. It's absolutely gorgeous. And peaceful. Chicago is loud and rough and smelly and crowded and busy in all the best ways, but sometimes it can get to you a little. Alaska was everything I needed it to be. I got to be quiet and think without distraction. I thought about what I was doing with my life, with design, with this Practice Daily thing. I thought about my friends and the passions they're hustling after — Elisha who runs This Type Love, Pat who heads up Peaches and Hot Sauce, Holly who writes for Brave Little Cheesehead, Angie who just started Heart Reminders — and it made me excited and humbled to know these cats and to realize that collectively, we are a certain type of restless creative, constantly trying to scratch that itch we've got.

But every once in a while, I need to break away from the hustle and reflect. Without reflection, there can't be any real change. Growth doesn't happen as freely. I designed the ADVENTURE piece for this exact reason. It's important to take the time to have an adventure, big or small, every day if possible. It can rejuvenate you, inspire you, excite you. Thanks to my wife, I finally get it.

Adventure: Practice Daily.