I'm having a blast with Practice Daily. I dig the fact that my brand's got constraints: 2 line weights, 2 colors, 6 typefaces to choose from and 1 mantra that I want to practice. That said, Practice Daily isn't a rules brand; it's a design brand. I'm broadening my horizons and busting things up into series. Boom!

So begins the IGNITE SERIES; a growing collection of 18x24 "color-me" prints that let YOU participate in my creative process. By removing the brand name Practice Daily from the artwork (like in our Big Squares,) the IGNITE prints act as broader explorations. They'll encourage creativity, curiosity and mindfulness.

WONDER is the first in the series, and will become part of a larger IGNITION KIT, which includes a lesson plan on space for early education (developed by Chicago Education Director Amanda Jensen,) an 8.5x11 PDF version of the art to print multiple copies for classrooms, and a download code for the app People In Space, developed by friends of Practice Daily.

We can't wait to offer a variety of IGNITION KITS to you in the hopes of igniting a sense of wonder, passion, calm or adventurism in you!

Stay tuned as we continue developing this wicked fun series and IGNITE our first pack!